the soul of the forest



The secRets of the Alps in your hands


The spirit of the nature will guide you to rediscover ancient flavours and scents. As all of our product lines, ANIMA respects the nature and makes use of the best raw materials that it offers. One of the best examples is the Orchidea Alpina, a very rare flower that grows only in alpine heights, and offers particular benefits to the skin with antiaging effects. Reinforce your skin by rejuvenating the tissues, which will donate your skin the sensation of constant reinforcement.

alpine care



The knowledge of the ancient people was rediscovered to fortify your body.


Cure your body throught the harmony of the alpine herbs to fortify your skin and muscles. The curative properties of the natural herbs have greatly influenced the relationship between human beings and nature in ancient times. This is why we wanted to bring back the experience of our ancestors and enhance it with modern innovation to create the best products in the market. The carefully selected herbs are designed for you wellbeing, and will let you rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself.

vitalize your body



The secrets of the purest water of the alps will enhance your daily health.


Our VITA product line was made to bring the energy of the mountains to your skin. Discover the spirit of the Alps and adapt the traditional ways to vitalize your body, like ancient people did centuries ago. With effective use of mountain water, we created a product that will refresh you day by day.



Alpspirit is the leading brand for natural cosmetics and wellness products that are made out of completely biological and natural ingredients. We use ethical and local production methods to produce the finest natural cosmetic products on the market in Italy.

Alpspirit uses extracts of local alpine herbs and plants, which grow in the Dolomites, the heart of the Alps in Italy. Located in Val Gardena, we are surrounded by mountains and alpine meadows, where very rare flowers and plants are cultivated, which are the base for all of our natural cosmetic products. Our product lines include cremes, lotions, peelings, and face masks. Our products are intended for private usage as well as for wellness centers in the best wellness hotels in the Dolomites. We have the right solution for all types of skin: Oily, sensible, irritated, porous and dry skin.

Discover more on our natural and biological products, which will give you smooth and strong skin, thanks to natural extracts of the alpine herbs and plants.



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