The wild and untouched nature of the Alps is still an intimidating, yet joyful experience for the eyes of the observer. The mountains, the trees, the rivers, and the meadows were the only source of inspiration for those peoples that did not yet forget the importance of nature. Over the centuries, the ancient peoples learned to listen to the nature and developed a dialog with it, which was crucial for their survival. They learned how to make use of various herbs through their tight relationship they had with the environment. This knowledge was carried over and improved over generations. Thanks to this continuous dialog between human beings and nature, it was possible for the peoples of the Alps to have strong and resistant bodies, just like the mountains that surrounded them.

The scope of the dialog with nature was not only to benefit from the use of herbs and plants, but moreover to carry over this information and ease the life for their descendants. This is why they also developed an innovative system of marks and symbols which they used to mark the use and properties of the specific plants on their territory.

Alpspirit inherited the knowledge of our ancestors, which were in perfect harmony with nature, and transmits the spirit that still lives in the Alps to date. Through their products, which are completely made out of natural extracts, Alpspirit’s mission is to actively work towards the restoration of harmony between human beings and nature.

Also Alpspirit assigns specific marks to its products in order to identify their usage and properties, which eases communication. Just like for the ancient peoples, Alpspirit’s vision is to have a healthy dialog with nature, in order to rediscover the infinite ways nature can benefit and enhance our health.

Alpspirit is the leading brand for natural cosmetics and wellness products that are made out of completely biological and natural ingredients. We use ethical and local production methods to produce the finest natural cosmetic products on the market in Italy.




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